Members Death Benefit Indemnity Programme

Terms and Conditions

  • I am a member of Core Credit Union and am eligible to join the Member Death Benefit Indemnity Programme.
  • I have read and understood the Key Facts & Policy Summary as provided to me.
  • I will undertake to have sufficient funds in my credit union shares account to pay for the annual premium attaching to the provision of this Indemnity cover and my inclusion in the Programme.
  • I understand that this is a Programme that will auto renew on an annual basis, and the attaching premium will be deducted from my credit union shares account on this basis.
  • I am also aware that the benefits and costs of this Programme may be varied annually, but I will be informed of any such changes or updates through the Credit Union’s website, or by other means as agreed by Core Credit Unions Board of Directors.
  • I understand that this Programme is due to commence on the 1st August 2020 and runs to 31st December 2020. Thereafter the Programme if renewed by the insurer, will run for a calendar year at a time.
  • Should I wish to opt–out or cancel my participation in the Member Death Benefit Indemnity Programme, I will inform Core Credit Union Ltd. in writing of my decision by completing the Member Death Benefit Indemnity Programme cessation form attached to this flyer; by visiting, completing the online cessation form and e-mailing it to; or by calling 01 272 5600.
  • My understanding is that my participation in the Programme will automatically stop should I cease to be a member of Core Credit Union Ltd. or if there are insufficient funds in my account to cover the annual cost of my premium.
  • I understand that the insurer can opt to terminate the Programme and cover at the end of each Programme period.
  • I confirm that the information I have provided to Core Credit Union Ltd. is correct and I provide my consent to this information being shared with CUNA Mutual and its insurers, for the purpose of my membership of the Member Death Benefit Indemnity Programme.